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Hello Ladys & Gents, Boys & Girls, 


i´m MiCHA3L FiCTiON producer and dj from Germany. I startet producing in the year 2003 with some dub and hip hop /electrohouse projects (the Dubmaschines, Kinky Row..with releases on Hazy Drops Records . Freaks Like Us ... and so on.. )  Three years ago i startet the MiCHA3L FiCTiON project for Deep-House and House music. My main intention is producing, to create new stuff for dj´s and all the other music consumers and music lovers. I did some Release and Remixes for Drunkn Punx Records and also you can find my trax on many other samplers and compilations,  watch out for more. Also i did remixes for: DISC RUNNERS, THE BOY WHO?, RICH KID SYNDROM, GANJA CULTURE.


My second intention is doing interesting and alluring mixtapes and dj sets. You can build your own opinion if you listen to my promomix series WILD LIFE MIXSESSION. So that i prefer the studio situation, it´s hard for you to get me out for dj gigs. So enjoy if you could be a part of one of my rare live situations.

For booking & and especially for remix requests use the contact formular below.


On this page will you find a lot of free stuff and the way to the most of my releases and music productions. I hope you enjoy, thanx for your  attention and if you want follow me on facebook or soundcloud to keep intouch for all the new stuff and news. Enjoy and have a real good time. Love !!

Micha3l Fiction - Black Butterlfy Ep
Drunkn Punx Records
Micha3l Fiction


* * * Micha3l Fiction - Funk The System * * * 


Two hot peaces of house music. Funk the System goes straight to the floor and you feel the funk moving in your body. Bass kicking house music. It will be your favourite tune for a time.The B-Side goes a bit deeper and grooves a little darker. This all in the special Micha3l Fiction flavoured house style. We hope you enjoy! And never forget, Funk the System!

The new single " Funk The System "  -  out on Drunkn Punx Records

* * * Micha3l Fiction - Fictionized * * * 

This is the "Fictionized" the debut Long Player by Micha3l Fiction. Eleven amazing house tracks from deep over tech and sometimes a little bit electro to house. It´s a work show and a trip through the different styles of house music.

Unique instrumentations with fresh and uplifting beats. In style questions always a step ahead or with a look back over the shoulder into the house history.

Some track is laid back chillted the other goes forward and brings the heat to the floor. Life is to short to get bored . So go deep into the house music and rhythm and you will love this LP. It will house you. 

Micha3l Fiction - Fictionized LP




This is my promomix series, to show you how i understand to play some tunes. Its for promotion only,, and you can DOWNLOAD them for FREE. Celebrate your life on the floor, celebrate the WILD LIFE, feel free, fine picked house tunes mixed up very well. This is my way this is my style. To rock the floor, feel it and you get it if you want more !! Show some love to house music. Get your copy and enjoy !

For remix & booking requests use the formular below!

The request will be answerd soon! Have thanx!


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